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Theatrical Work

Theatre Resume:

Review Highlights:

"Deanna McGovern brings shades to the female roles, managing to temper Vonnegut's misogony." - Andy Webster, NEW YORK TIMES (Slaughterhouse-Five, 59E59)

"Deanna McGovern makes a strong impression." - Peter Marks, WASHINGTON POST (After Ashley, Woolly Mammoth)

"There are spectacular, understated performances from both Mark Sullivan and Deanna McGovern." - Jolene Munch, METRO WEEKLY (After Ashley, Woolly Mammoth)

"McGovern continues to unleash dazzling capabilities. She captures the humor of these lurches from profound to banal, and adds a little spice by demonstrating her own pleasure in stylishly snapping in and out of character." - Alex Brown, SEVEN DAYS (Venus in Fur, Vermont Stage)

"One of the most delicious moments was when McGovern's Vanda the actress suddenly transformed herself into Vanda the aristocrat. It was an oddly touching moment - and truly beautiful." - Jim Lowe, VERMONT TODAY (Venus in Fur, Vermont Stage)

"A standout performance is Deanna McGovern. She's captivating as the shrewd, tacky and selfish Suzanne." - Cheryl King, NY THEATRE NOW (Sweet Sweet Spirit, 14th Street Y, NYC)

"Deanna McGovern’s charismatic Matilde proved the catalyst, thanks to a wryly funny and personal performance. " - Jim Lowe, TIMES ARGUS (The Clean House, Vermont Stage)

"Most notable is McGovern as Matilde. Her sullen demeanor and deadpan delivery, adorned with a quirky yet infectious Portuguese accent, earn a chuckle nearly every time she opens her mouth." - Alex Brown, SEVEN DAYS (The Clean House, Vermont Stage)

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